Pot Kettle Black

- American-style Porter -

Our flagship beer, and biggest seller, is one of the most celebrated beers to come out of New Zealand. Pot Kettle Black is still the only beer to have ever won two trophies in a single year at BrewNZ, and in 2012 was awarded the Champion Beer of Asia (potentially the biggest award a NZ beer has pick...Read more >>

Gunnamatta IPA

- India Pale Ale "dry leafed" -

When the team behind the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular asked us to create a special beer for their 2012 festival, we started by searching for musical inspiration from their Australian homeland. The tunes led us on a wild conceptual ride but we ended up settling on thi hugely floral India Pale...Read more >>

Digital IPA

- India Pale Ale (IPA) -

  Just as the term digital is all about zeroes and ones, the concept of IPA is all about malts and hops. Enjoy the rich golden malt backbone of Digital while you can... then feel it closing in as the fruity Motueka-grown hops dominate your palate and don’t ever fade away.  IPA as it should be. T...Read more >>

Rex Attitude

- Peat-smoked Strong Golden Ale -

The world's first heavily-peated single malt ale. A deceptively innocuous game changing beer that is possibly the smokiest in the world, certainly one of the most polarising, and yet very subtle and beguilingly drinkable for those who get past the initial shock. It is the favourite beer of both Yeas...Read more >>

Hud-a-wa' Strong

- Rich, Strong, Hoppy Amber Ale -

The only beer we've managed to release under the radar of mainstream press, yet still fast becoming one of our most popular. Named after one of our great-great-grandfathers, who was the one to 'hold the wall' in a collapsing mine as his friends escaped, it's a strong amber ale with enough rich malt...Read more >>


Yeastie Boys is the brewing brainchild of local brewer Stu McKinlay and New Zealand's most notorious beer hunter Sam "The Grandmaster" Possenniskie. In the name of research these two beer lovers have ...read more

Wheres Yeastie

Our Pot Kettle black is now available all year 'round in bars, bottle stores, supermarkets and specialty shops.


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