Golden Perch

- Golden Ale -

Originally brewed for last year's Hobbit premiere (Golden Perch reputedly serves the best beer in the Eastfarthing), Golden Perch is an aromatic golden ale featuring ingredients from all across the world. German and British malts form the backbone of the beer, a little bit like the history of our brewing industry, but there is a strong new world influence from the clean American ale yeast and the pungent Nelson Sauvin hops. Golden Perch is a beer with enough flavour to satisfy the most ardent beer geek and remain subtle enough to not scare the everyday drinker.


With all the strong beers currently in vogue, a trend we'll freely admit is partly perpetuated by ourselves, Sam and I often find ourselves standing in our favourite pub or bottle store wishing there were more than one or two choices of sessionable beers. Now we love imperial stouts and IPA alongside the best of them, and we have a few strong beers still up our sleeves this year, but we want beers that we can drink all night (or most of it) without getting either palate or brain fatigue. We also hear a lot of people asking the same question, people looking for a low alcohol quaffer rather than another uber-hoppy pale ale, a beer more suited to this time of year when we all start getting a bit more active again. We like to ensure we brew one or two of these each year and this spring our answer is Plan B.  Hold out your hand, we'll make a stand.   
You could probably call Plan B a Belgian-style Golden Mild but Craig at BeerNZ reckons that won't sell...  So please don't!  Apparently the term "mild" makes people shudder and reach for something else... anything else... so, even though it's technically a bit strong to be called one, let's call Plan B a Belgian-style Table Beer (or, if you're feeling fancy, go with Biere de Table).  Rules were made to be broken, weren't they? And we can't find legislation banning us from creeping up the ABV in this historical style of beer.
Plan B pours deep gold with a little fruit from the gentle Sauvin hopping, some complex spice and very delicate alcohols from the Walloon yeast, and a malt character that belies her low strength. Complex enough to be the centre of beer geek conversation but sessionable enough to play a supporting act in a night out with friends.  In short, people can drink lots of it without turning into dicks.

Guid ale hauds me bare and busy,

Gars me moop wi' the servant hizzie,

Stand i' the stool when I hae dune -

Guid ale keeps the heart aboon!

 - Robert Burns, 1795


Beer geek stuff

Style English Pale Ale
Stats ABV 4.4%
Bitterness = 25 IBU
Colour = 11 SRM
Malt Pale Malt, CaraPils, CaraBelge, Wheat Malt

Nelson Sauvin

Yeast Fermentis US-05


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